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Easy to use and efficient SEO tool that will enable your website to achieve better results. is a tool for the analysis and enhancement of the major factors affecting placement in search engines such as ranks, keywords, backlinks, social networks, on-page and off-page factors, etc. If you require regular SEO reports in PDF format by email, offers this service as well.

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Online tools for online marketing and seo administration

  • Keywords in search engines

    Keywords in search engines

    List of kw on which is your site listed on good position in search results of major search engines and get known which kw gets highest amount of traffic.

  • Social networks

    Social networks

    Social networks ranks - number of Facebook likes, shares and comments, Tweets and Google Pluses. 

  • Traffic sources with history

    Traffic sources with history

    Share of traffic sources and history to ensure trends how your traffic comes.

  • On-page factors on your website

    On-page factors on your website

    Evaluation of on-page factors like page structure and content influencing your search ranking with tips how to make it better.

  • Backlinks


    List of backlinks (URLs and number of links) and linkbuidling statistics like backlinks, refered pages and more.

  • Used technology

    Used technology

    Show which technology is used by site/domain like CMS or eshop engine, JS and CSS libraries, tracking and advertisement codes and more.

How do we help you enhance web?

  • At a reasonable price our online SEO tools will bring you a comprehensive toolkit which every campaign administrator or a webmaster needs to reach the perfect outcome.
  • Choose one of our monthly tariffs and the automatic wizard will guide you through the setup of SEO TOOLS for your internet projects to your full satisfaction. Upon request our support staff will help you with the setup or analysis of any problem you may have while working on your web projects. Don't hesitate and get the know-how for boosting efficiency of your projects.

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